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Helping a Friend in Need

Updated: Sep 5

9-5-23 Update:

Thank you everyone for the support of our friend Nate. The GoFundMe has been closed at an amount no one ever could've dreamed of. Nate and his family are forever grateful to all those who helped while they dealt with these events. Nate is at home recovering now, and he enjoys playing games of pool or darts when he is not doing his physical therapy. He is also looking forward to starting online classes and getting back into shotgun sports soon.

Hello supporters of the Michigan State University Shooting Sports Club, we are asking all of you for help in spreading awareness of our vice president and close friend Nate Statly. He was injured last Monday on campus when a man decided to open fire in Berkey Hall and the Union. This man took the lives of three students and forever changed the lives of five more. Unfortunately, one of those five is Nate. He has been fighting for his life in the hospital for a week now, and we cannot express how grateful we are for the flow of support from our community. Nate is a good friend to a lot of people, and a major role in our club. We have hit a tough stand still in operations without him and would like to ask you all to please support and share his GoFundMe that his family has made. Thank you.

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