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Justin Sorg President.heic

Justin Sorg - President

My name is Justin Sorg and I am majoring in chemical engineering. I am a Senior by year but still have two years to go before I graduate. I shoot on the shotgun team of the club which consists of shooting trap, skeet, and sporting clays. In addition to the shooting team, I am also in the ski club, and I enjoy all seasons outdoors. I spend my weekends when I am not competing, hunting, or going up north to ride dirt bikes or snowmobiles and snowboarding. 

Nate Statly VP Shotgun.jpg

Nate Statly - Vice President Shotgun

Hi I’m Nate Statly, I am third year student majoring in Environmental Biology/Zoology. I grew up bird hunting and shooting skeet with my dad and brothers. I’m pretty new to competitive shooting but I’ve played sports my whole life and have a competitive spirit like no other. When I’m not breaking clays (or missing them), I like skiing, hanging out with my friends, and in general being outside. 

Zachary Friedman VP Pistol.heic

Zachary Freidman - Vice President Pistol

Hello, I’m Zachary Friedman, I’m a business preference student going for the supply chain management major. I shoot both air pistol and .22 pistol for MSUSSC. I am very involved with many on campus clubs including but not limited to: FarmHouse Fraternity, Eboard for MSU YAF, MSU entrepreneurship association, MSU College Republicans, James Madison College Conservatives, and Hillel. I like going to the hockey games, I love bowling, and I work with my family company going to comic cons buying and selling movie memorabilia.

Olivia Watkins VP Rifle.heic

Olivia Watkins - Vice President Rifle


Hello! My Name is Olivia Watkins. I am a sophomore studying Animal Science and I will be serving as Vice President of the Rifle Team at MSU this year. I am from Wheaton, Illinois, and I have never shot competitively before I came to MSU. I love shooting and hope to have fun and make some memories while being on the MSUSSC. I am a part of the Driving Club on campus, as well as the Salt Co. I look forward to this year’s season and the fun it will provide. Go Green!

Brian Morgans Treasurer.heic

Brian Morgans - Treasurer

Hi. My name is Brian Morgans and I'm the treasurer for the MSU shooting team. My main discipline is rifle and I've been shooting about 12 years counting my one year with the team. I'm majoring in Fisheries and Wildlife and plan to graduate in 2025. Outside of shooting, I enjoy hunting and fishing and being outside in general. I also enjoy playing music, video games, and spending time with my friends and family.

Lizzie Maksout Social Chair.heic

Lizzie Maksout - Social Chair

Hi!! My name is Elizabeth Maksout and I’m a senior studying advertising creative with a minor in business. In my free time I enjoy creating art, reading, & listening to music!! I’ve been shooting rifle for the past 9 years and have really enjoyed my time on the team so far!!

Ella Cowhy Secretary (1).jpg

Ella Cowhy - Secretary


My name is Ella Cowhy, and I'm a freshman majoring in Human Biology! For MSUSSC, I shoot rifle! Outside of MSUSSC, I am involved in the MSU Pre-Dental Club. Aside from shooting, I love to travel, be with friends and family, play sports, and be outside. 

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