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Rifle Team Resources


Precision (Air Rifle, 3P Small Bore)

International Precision Air Rifle

  • 60 shot match with targets at 10m for .177 caliber air rifles.

  • All record shots will be shot from the standing position.

  • The match is divided into 3 equal sections that are 30 minutes long with 20 record shots per section.

3 Position (3P)
Small Bore Rifle 

Courses of Fire:

  • Prone – 20 minutes for 20 record shots while laying on your chest and supporting the rifle with your non-dominant hand and a sling.

  • Standing – 40 minutes for 20 record shots while in the standing position.

  • Kneeling – 30 minutes for 20 record shots in the kneeling position on your opposite knee with the help of a sling.

What Do We Do? 

We shoot air and smallbore. Air is standing only at 10 meters and Smallbore is 3 p, Standing KNelling and Prone. All of those are shot at 50 ft. 

Costs to Join & Fundraising Requirements

Due to this team being a part of a club sport, we are not funded by Michigan State University in any way. This means our members do all of the club’s fundraising so we can practice and compete throughout the year. The team provides multiple opportunities to fundraise, and members are welcome to come up with their own ideas too.

Each member's dues are $150 for the whole year! This covers ammo, targets for practice and competitions, and a team jersey. We also have uniforms that are provided by the team. The club owns them and we share them throughout the team. 


We have all costs covered by the team in order to shoot.  We also have a lot of social events that all members are welcome to participate in and even bring friends to shoot and participate. 

Join the Rifle Team

If you are interested in joining the rifle team, please reach out to Olivia Watkins directly at

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