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Shotgun Team Information


American Trap

  • A squad of 5 shoots in rotation from 5 stations arrayed in an arc located at 16 yards behind the trap house

  • 5 targets are thrown at each station, after which the shooters move to the
    next station on their right

  • A round is 25 targets with one shot allowed at each single target


  • A round of skeet consists of 25 targets in a set sequence of singles and simultaneous doubles

  • Squads of 5 shooters take their turns from eight shooting stations

  • Each squad member takes 2 singles and 1 double from stations 1, 2, 6 & 7. Two singles are taken from stations 3, 4, 5 & 8

  • The 25th target is taken after the first target is missed, or as a final target (low house #8) after 24 targets

  • Targets are thrown at a distance of 60 yards

Sporting Clays

  • A typical sporting course is laid out over a 10-30 acre site, ideally in rough, hilly terrain.

  • Usually, the path the shooters follow will take a circular or horseshoe
    shape enabling shooters to start and finish in roughly the same place.

  • Along the path, targets are thrown from 10-16 shooting stations depending on the course.

  • Six different types of targets can be used: standard, midi, mini, battue,
    rocket or rabbit.

  • The target sequence may incorporate singles, report pairs, and true (simultaneous) pairs

Who we Are

The MSU Shotgun Team competes in multiple different leagues but is primarily focused on the Scholastic Clay Target Program. We shoot any and all games that we can, including skeet, trap, sporting clays, five stand, and international disciplines. 

Costs to Join & Fundraising Requirements

Due to this team being a part of a club sport, we are not funded by Michigan State University in any way. This means our members do all of the club’s fundraising so we can practice and compete throughout the year. The team provides multiple opportunities to fundraise, and members are welcome to come up with their own ideas too.

Returning athletes must pay $200 dues while new members must pay $250 dues. All members of the MSU Shotgun Team must fundraise a minimum of $800 per year additionally.

Junior Varsity athletes are required to pay $150 upfront and fundraise an additional $175 each semester.


The money brought in from each shooter allows us to give everyone numerous perks. We cover all target costs for both practice and competitions, registrations for competitions, provide guns free of charge to shooters that do not have one, and we get discounts from some of our sponsors on their products. Targets and registrations consume the bulk of our budget each year as we go through a lot of targets and registrations can be very expensive. Members receive a personal MSU Shooting Team vest and jersey upon joining.


Once base fundraising requirements are met, there will be fundraising tiers if you continue to fundraise. These include:


- Two boxes of free ammo per week, until spring finals week at $1100

- Nationals registration is covered at $1500

- Nationals registration and ammo is covered at $2000

Join the Shotgun Team

If you are interested in joining the shotgun team please reach out to Matt Celini directly at

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